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Learn Quran Online Somalia

Haafid Academy Online is a leading Online Quran Learning platform for the Somali community living in Somalia and outside of the country. We are a remote learning academy established in Somalia. We provide Services for learn Quraan Online Somalia. We are engaged in exploring the new avenues for promoting remote tutoring, especially the Holy Quran. We provide one to one Online Quran learning Lessons, Somali and Arabic language classes. We also provide basic Islamic Teachings to all students ranging between the ages of 4 to 75 living in Somalia and anywhere in the world. Haafi Academy wishes to offer you and your loved ones a Quran and Deen learning facilities in the comfort of your home. You don’t have to travel to learn the deen.

Haafid Academy of Quranic Teachings was established in 2020 due to an increased number of Somali students wanting to learn the deen in their homes because of the lock downs in many parts of the world. Our purpose is to  promote online teaching of Quran, basic Islamic principles and the Somali language for the benefit of Somali communities living outside of Somalia, such as  USA, UK, France, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Nederland’s, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries.

Why Choose Haafid Quran Learning Online?

Do you or your children want to learn Quran online from highly qualified Somali teacher (tutors)? Do you want to improve your children’s Somali language skills, such as speaking, pronunciation and storytelling? Then Haafid Academy is the right choice for you.

Are you in need of a platform where you can learn Quran online 24/7 according to your schedule? Do you want your children to learn the Quran in Tajweed? If yes, please contact us today, so we can find the right teacher that suits your education level and schedule. Register here.