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Haafid Academy Online (Learn Quran Online /Macalin Quran Online /Quran Madrasa) – Learn Quran online in tajwid and Somali language. Haafid is the home of learning Quran online in tajwid. We are a “learn Quraan online Somalia” platform that offers classes for many Somali diaspora communities who live outside of Somalia. Our Quran teachers (Macalim Quran Onine) are highly trained and teach online 24/7. We also have Somali language classes for kids. Our tutors are highly experienced male and female tutors who speak Somali, Arabic and English. We have tutors (teachers) in Somalia and abroad teaching Quran via Skype. If you are an adult wanting to learn Quran or you are looking for suitable classes for your kids, Haafid is the right choice for you to learn quran online. We have experienced teachers who will be able to help you from the basic Islamic knowledge to an advanced level. Contact us today and enquire about our classes. Register today!

Haafid Academy Online (Dugsi Quran Online Online/ Madrasa) – Waxay Quraanka kugu baraysaa si onlayn ah. Waxa aad helaysaa macalin quran online ah oo waqti walba diyaar u ah inuu adiga iyo caruurtaada baro Quraanka Kariimka ah. Haafid waa dugsi Quraan oo ku yaala Soomaaliya. Waxaad sidoo kale dugsiga Haafid ku baran kartaa Afka Soomaaliga. Macalimiinta wax ka dhigta Haafid waxay ku hadlaan luuqadaha Af Soomaaliga, Carabiga iyo Ingiriiska. Waxaad ka helaysaa mucalim/macalin rag ama dumar ah haddii loo baahdo. Macalimiinteenu (macalin quran online) waxay joogaan dalka gudihiisa iyo wadamo kale oo caalamka ah. Si aan kuugu helno macalinka kugu haboon, ama waqtiga aad doonayso inaad Quraanka barato, la soo xariir Haafid Academy Online.

Kids who live outside of Muslim majority countries don’t often have the oppurtunity to learn Quran. Even if there is Islamic schools in the city, most of the time it is far away from the homes. AlhamduliLaah the new technology of today allows that we can teach Quran while the childre are in the safety of their homes – saving time and resources for the parent. Haafid Academy was established to provide Quran education and Somali language for the Somali kids; through an interactive online environment. The goal is to give students a chance to not only learn Quran and the Somali language, but to excel at both. Haafid makes sure that your children are thought by highly qualified instructors with many years of experience. Our experienced, high-quality teachers offer this education through one-on-one and personalized bases.

We realize that in some cases parents prefer female teachers; we therefore do our best to find the right female teachers for you if requested. Haafid’s tutors are chosen because of the experience they have in teaching Quran and the Somali language.

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